October 5, 2020, by Hazel Sayers

Connected Everything Network and Smart Products Beacon summer school video

To celebrate the success of our Summer School, co-hosted with the Connected Everything Network, we have produced a video capturing highlights of the three-day event.

The Summer School brought together a diverse group of talented postgraduate students to learn about the challenges innovators face when integrating collaborative robotics into a variety of settings. Delegates were also tasked with conceptualising a new collaborative robot, or ‘cobot’, that could help society adapt and overcome problems linked to the COVID-19 pandemic.

For both the Smart Products Beacon and Connected Everything Network, the Summer School provided hugely valuable insights into ways to maximise the potential of virtual collaboration and engagement. This ranged from better understanding of how we structure the event timetable, to fully recognising the value of small group breakout sessions that stimulate dialogue and encourage inclusivity.

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