August 6, 2020, by Hazel Sayers


As part of an online summer seminar series, the AI3SD Network+ is running a joint seminar with the Internet of Food Things Network+.

Dr Nicholas Watson from the University of Nottingham will be presenting “Smart Cleaning & COVID-19” on Wednesday 26th August 2.00pm – 3.30pm.

Industrial Digital Technologies (IDTs) such as robotics, AI and IoT are transforming manufacturing worldwide with significant productivity, efficiency and environmental sustainability benefits. This digital revolution is often labelled Industry 4.0 and at its heart is the enhanced collection and use of data. The food and drink sector has been slow to adopt IDT’s for a variety of reasons including the availability of cost effective sensing technologies, capable of operating in production environments. This presentation will discuss the use of IDTs within the important task of food factory cleaning. It will cover the benefits and challenges of deploying robots, sensors and machine learning technologies for factory cleaning tasks in addition to the ever growing importance of effective factory cleaning during a global pandemic.

AI3SD & IoFT Seminar


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