April 23, 2018, by Kevin Shakesheff

Impact Day

Highlight of the week was the Impact Day held at SB. Excellent talks from UoN staff and companies with very impressive posters showing many collaborations with industry.  Very timely that in the same week Professor Martin Broadley was announced as a finalist in the 2018 BBSRC Innovator of the Year competition. I also enjoyed hearing about the success of the Festival of Science and Curiosity and look forward to supporting the event in future years.

I chaired the first of 2 Animal Welfare and Ethical Review Board open sessions at SB. These sessions are with Emma Stringer (NC3Rs) and Neil Yates and are an opportunity to update Schools on the work of AWERB and get feedback. Well attended session with good questions and particular interest in Emma’s work and the excellent support we receive from the NC3Rs.

The rest of the week was filled with PDPR meetings, 2 more RIS roadshows and Beacon meetings.


Monday 16th April

PDPR Change Project meeting

Research strategy funding meeting


Meeting to discuss the Festival of Science and Curiosity


Tuesday 17th April

RIS Roadshow (Derby and City Hospital)

Beacon meeting

PDPR meetings


Wednesday 18th April

Biosciences Impact Day

PDPR meetings

Pre-discussions with candidates for Head of School of Psychology


Thursday 19th April

AWERB Open Session (SB)

Locate Therapeutics Executive Group meeting

Monthly catch-up with HR and Finance

Research conference call


Friday 20th April

Interviews for Head of School of Psychology

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