May 20, 2018, by Kevin Shakesheff

Computer Science Prizes, Council, UEB and more

Perfect storm of meetings this week. The monthly meetings with the fullest agendas all converged into one week. University Exec Board started the week with a 250 page paper set.  Academic Strategy & Resources Board was lighter than normal and saw Andy Long take the Chair for the first time in anticipation of him becoming Deputy Vice Chancellor.

The feature picture shows one of many excellent demos at the Computer Sciences Group Project awards event. The 2nd year students work in teams to develop new products. The picture shows one of the winning team who developed a VR yoga trainer complete with sensing body suit. Impressed with t

he ability of the students to self-organise into effective teams and they all explained their concepts in an accessible way to a non-expert.

I gave my annual presentation to the University Council this week. Thanks for the contributions to the highlight slides from many people in Psychology, Maths, Biosciences, Pharmacy, Chemistry, Computer Sciences and Physics.

Professor Charlie Laughton at his Inaugural Lecture

Another superb inaugural this week with Charlie Laughton giving a great talk on modelling of proteins. That’s 4 inaugurals this year and Charlie’s again emphasised how special these events are with family and friends in front row and taking part in demonstrations.

 The rest of my schedule for last week was:

 Monday 14th May


My PDPR meeting with VC

Meeting with Tom Loya and Andrew Hindmarsh to discuss data analysis


Tuesday 15th May

PDPR Change meeting

Faculty Exec Board

Presentation to Council on progress in the Faculty of Science

Meeting to discuss Festival of Science and Curiosity


Wednesday 16th May

Academic Strategy & Resources Board

Talent Group

EDI Board

Computer Sciences Group Project Awards

Inaugural lecture by Professor Charlie Laughton


Thursday 17th May

Animal Welfare and Ethical Review Board

Spin-out company board meeting


Friday 18th May

Research Meeting

Worked at home and caught up on phones to various people in the Faculty

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