May 28, 2018, by Kevin Shakesheff

Race Equality Charter Training

Over the next 2 years I’ll be co-chairing the University’s Self-Assessment Team for our Bronze Application to Advance HE. This week Advance UK held a training session at the Library of Birmingham. The attainment gap for black students and the problem of micro-aggressions were discussed and I’ve plenty of food for thought for our first SAT meeting in June.

I also Chaired the first Civic and Regional Group meeting. This Group brings together people across the University who work on City, County and Region issues. There is a huge amount of work ongoing across the University and over the rest of the year we are looking to support UEB and the VC in developing our civic role as a University,

2 days of the week were taken up with the Arthritis UK Disease Subcommittee Meeting is Chesterfield. Due to that commitment I missed the celebration of the 80th birthday of Professor Malcolm Stevens. Malcolm has been a supportive and inspirational scientist throughout my career at Nottingham. He invented an anti-cancer drug, temozolomide, that has saved many lives and extended life expectancies for many more. The celebration brought back many staff and students who have worked with him. I got back to Nottingham for the dinner in the evening and enjoyed meeting his family and friends. Malcolm is very active within the University and supports research in Chemistry and Pharmacy.

Finally, it was an honour to introduce Sir Fraser Stoddart (Nobel Prize 2016) to give the Sir Jesse Boot Foundation Lecture. This was the 76th lecture in this series stretching back to 1922. The Sir Fraser and Lady Norma Stoddart Foundation have endowed a prize for scientific excellence and citizenship and the first recipient of the prize was awarded to Nottingham alum, Dr Helen Sharpe.

Other meetings during the week were:

Monday 21st May

Faculty Risk Management meeting

PVC for Faculties meeting with incoming DVC

Research Information System international implementation meeting

Research meetings

Introduced Sir Fraser Stoddart for his Sir Jesse Boot Foundation Lecture

BBC Radio Nottingham interview (my research and impact)


Tuesday 22nd May

Race Equality Conference (Birmingham)

Retirement dinner for Chris Jagger

BBC East Midlands Today interview (my research and impact)


Wednesday 23rd May

Arthritis UK meeting

Dinner to celebrate 80th birthday of Malcolm Stevens OBE


Thursday 24th May

RIS catch-up

Research conference call

Marketing update

Finance update

Civic and Regional Group

CBS E meeting


Friday 25th May

Research meetings


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