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September 23, 2015, by Ryan Neal

Meet the MyNottingham workstream

Welcome to the fourth post in our new blog series entitled ‘Meet the workstream’. In each of these posts we will focus on a different workstream belonging to the larger Project Transform Process Design team, of which there are five – Admissions, CRM, Student Records, Student Finance and MyNottingham. You’ll learn a bit about who the team are and precisely what kinds of tasks and processes they are working on. We hope that this will help to increase your understanding of Project Transform and the sheer scope of tasks that lie ahead of us. Last time we met the Student Finance workstream; this week we are meeting the MyNottingham workstream.

1. What’s your workstream?


2. Who are the members of your workstream?

Terri Woodward – Team Leader/Senior Business Analyst
Charlotte Owen – Student Experience Workstream Specialist
Staci Ludwig – Ciber Functional Lead
Richard Lee – Ciber Functional Lead

3. Which processes does your workstream cover?

The MyNottingham workstream reaches across all of the other workstreams, surfacing information from each of them. Essentially we’re working on the design and functionality of MyNottingham – the new applicant and student portal.

For GoLive 2, MyNottingham will display carefully selected content relevant to the applicant stage of the admissions process. Applicants will be able to log in to their own personalised page and view the status of their application, submit any required documents, and view to-do lists, as well as complete a number of other actions. It will also link through to UCAS, and other relevant websites.

4. Which areas of the University will be impacted by your work?

Colleagues working in Admissions and Accommodation will be most affected. Applicants who apply through UCAS will access the system via MyNottingham from GoLive 2 in September and as we move toward GoLive 3 the impact will become more significant. The biggest impact will be upon students themselves.

5. What are you working on at the moment?

We are currently finalising testing for the GoLive 2 version of MyNottingham. This involves User Experience testing to ensure that the portal is intuitive for its users. In addition to this we are also gathering the requirements for the GoLive 3 version of MyNottingham. Once they have arrived, we will be working with our new Student Ambassadors to finalise desired content and designs to ensure that student feedback continues to be taken into consideration throughout the process.

6. What are some of the main challenges that your team are facing and how are you overcoming these?

There are two main challenges that we’re facing. The first is identifying exactly what students want and making sure that it fits in with the project’s priorities. The second is ascertaining and providing the essentials for GoLive 2, which can be built upon in GoLive 3.

7. What will you be delivering as a result of your work?

MyNottingham; a responsive service available any time, anywhere, on any device.

8. What’s in store for you for GoLive 3?

Building a portal that incorporates everything that the other workstreams need to surface to students. It will surface everything from registration through to graduation.

We hope this post has helped you to understand a little bit more about the MyNottingham workstream and their contributions to Project Transform. To get Project Transform updates sent directly to your inbox, enter your email address into the top right corner of this page.

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