April 22, 2015, by Tara de Cozar

Enquiries Light – final testing before launch

The first stage of Project Transform — Enquiries Light — is set to launch on Monday 11 May. We’ve already shown you what the new enquiries form will look like, so here’s a bit more of an insight into what kind of testing the system goes through before we release it into the real world.

Enquiries Light — and the rest of Project Transform — uses PeopleSoft Campus Solutions technology to operate.  The first two stages of testing — systems testing and systems integration testing — are complete. Systems testing sees the new software checked for functionality, highlighting any problems. System integration testing then checks the interactions with related systems.  For Enquiries Light these include the University website, user authentication (to enable staff to use their existing login and password) and email.

UAT — user acceptance testing — is now in progress. This involves creating test scenarios that cover all the conceivable ways in which the new enquiries form will be used. There are three paths for enquiries. Via the internet — where prospective students or staff create a new record via the forms embedded in the University website. Direct through PeopleSoft, where trained staff can create a new record directly in the system.  Or off-line, using a compatible form that, when returned to the enquiry centre, can be synchronised with the system.

The scenarios are more varied than you might think… Is it a prospective student, their parent, or someone else who is making the enquiry? Are they talking to a member of staff over the phone or at an event where there is no internet access? Are they looking at the form on their home computer, a mobile phone or a tablet? Is the enquiry being recorded in English or Chinese? Are they UCAS or Gaokao? Do they want a prospectus? What courses or areas of study is the enquirer interested in? Is the system recording data correctly and can this data be used to build a relationship with them?

Each scenario is tested thoroughly to identify any bugs the system has. Any anomalies will be checked against the system’s functional specification, with problems reported to the testing team who validate whether this is a system, configuration or data issue.  Any defects with the system are then categorised by the project test team and assigned to Ciber to fix in line with the defect management process.

Members of staff from Project Transform, the UK Enquiry Centre, the Business School and the International Office are supporting this testing.  The Chinese language functionality is being tested by a Chinese speaking student and an administrator from the School of Contemporary Chinese Studies.  Scenarios that have been identified during system demonstrations in China and Malaysia have also been tested.

For those interested in following the testing process more closely Donna Matthews, Project Transform’s Test Manager, is posting updates on Yammer — follow her here.

For more info on Enquiries Light or UAT, contact Maggie Royston, Project Manager for GoLive 1 and 2 in Project Transform.


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