March 19, 2015, by Tara de Cozar

Enquiries Light — first screenshots of the new enquiry form

Project Transform is building up to its first GoLive date — Enquiries Light is set to launch in May. This is the first of three GoLives which will see the project implemented across the University in the UK, China and Malaysia. The second, in September 2015, will bring Enquiries Heavy. September 2016 is the final stage, covering student records, exams, finance, self-service and programme management activity and planning.

Enquiries Light will introduce a new enquiries form for prospective students. The central Enquiry Teams in China, the UK and Malaysia; the International Office; Nottingham University Business School and the Schools of Economics and Health Sciences will be the first to test the new approach using the new shared database and online data capture form.

Today we can reveal the first screenshots — ta dah! Thanks to Matt Harrison, Marketing and Recruitment Workstream Specialist in Project Transform, for the screenshots and explanations.











This is the new form — shown here embedded in an existing UG prospectus request page. The form can be embedded in CMS where required. There will be one form which will appear in multiple places.

Fields are dynamic and change according to what is populated in other fields. For example, if an enquirer selects ‘Campus:China, Country of residence:China, Nationality:China and Level:Undergraduate’, they will be shown a list of Gaokao stream and subject areas, rather than the ‘subject area of interest’ and ‘course’ fields.

Level of study contains ‘Undergraduate’, ‘Postgraduate Taught’ and ‘Postgraduate Research’ – the enquirer’s selection here affects what will be displayed in terms of subject area/courses they can enquire against.

Enquiry form 2









The form in Simplified Chinese – the top right selection field enables the user to display the form in Simplified Chinese and to input data using native characters.

Enquiry form 3









Wherever a dropdown list of values appears, the enquirer can also start to type ahead, rather than searching through a long list of returned values.

Enquiry form 4





Personal details can be captured in Simplified Chinese, if selected – alternative character names, Pinyin, and English name can be entered as appropriate by the enquirer.

Enquiry form 5








The form lists appropriate provinces, states, counties etc according to the country selected. In this image, the mailing address has appeared as the enquirer has selected to have a hard copy prospectus delivered to them.

Enquiry form 6




The University’s standard DPA statement is displayed at the end of the form in both English and Simplified Chinese. The soft opt-out of marketing information tick-box populates an indicator on the enquirers’ record, and ensures that they do not receive any unwanted marketing materials.

So there you go — first glance of the new enquiry form. We’re starting small, but this form is the foundation for overhauling systems which touch every aspect of student life. It’s out basis for making huge improvements to the student experience, and enhancing the relationship between our staff and students. Watch this space for further updates!


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