June 1, 2014, by Zoë Goodwin

Transform Update (June 2014)

Following the launch of Project Transform in February, there have been some significant achievements in the subsequent weeks. With Professor Karen Cox, Deputy Vice-Chancellor, appointed as project sponsor and Tim Collins (pictured right) recruited as the Transformation Programme Director, several other key individuals have joined the project. This has been a combination of external hires and internal secondments, and the team is operating from a dedicated base at King’s Meadow Campus.

• The first tranche of inductions has been successfully completed and the initial group of secondees has joined Project Transform.

• Currently the Process Design teams are completing a Core Functionality template that will support the tendering of a new IT system. This is a high level document providing information to aid the decision making process of the tender. The teams are identifying areas of core activity, key sub-processes, standardisation levels and differentiators to establish what, and how, any new system could be deployed within the University.

• Initial engagement with China and Malaysia campuses has taken place. The solutions resulting from Project Transform will meet the needs of all UoN campuses.

• The procurement process has kicked off. Several suppliers have responded and a rigorous selection process is being followed that is in strict compliance with UK and EU procurement rules. A selection panel will assess all supplier submissions and final selection is targeted to take place in October. The panel is familiar with the outputs of workshops from previous projects; if you would like to highlight any information that the panel should take into account, please contact Robert Dowling or Prof. Wyn Morgan by the end of June.

• Detailed planning is under way, the results of which will inform the options for going live with the new processes and systems, e.g. phased approach vs. “big bang”.

• Please contact us at BR-ProjectTransform@exmail.nottingham.ac.uk should you have any questions.

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