February 1, 2014, by Zoë Goodwin

From Student Life Cycle to Project Transform (February 2014)

Message from the Deputy Vice-Chancellor and the Registrar:

We are now entering a new phase in the University’s programme to enhance the quality of the services we provide for students. Building on the work of the Student Life Cycle project, Transform will examine and seek to improve every aspect of the way we support our students from their first contact with the University, throughout their time here and to graduation and beyond.

We know our current systems are not fit for purpose. As student survey results show we are not meeting the expectations of our students and other universities are outpacing us. We need to reorganize the way we provide services for students to ensure that they are able to make the most of the opportunities provided by studying at our University. That is what Transform is all about.

We’re going to take every process that affects students in their life at university and redesign and improve it to ensure it is efficient, effective and meets their needs, 24 hours a day, every day of the year, on every course, at every level, in China, Malaysia and the UK.

Transform will build on the work of the Student Life Cycle project which has already involved over 400 staff across the University in defining and redesigning many of our major processes which support students. The next step is to translate this work into reality and to put in place the technology which will support our students. This will mean changes in the work done by administrative staff, centrally and in Schools, and across student-related processes and operations. All of this is necessary to ensure that students are fully and properly supported through every aspect of our systems. A new team of staff, led by Tim Collins, Transformation Director, and drawn from within and external to the University, is being assembled to deliver the project and drive this change forward.

With the best systems and the most streamlined and consistent processes we will be able to offer a hugely improved student experience. There will be major time savings for academics and professional services staff who advise and support students and run the systems upon which students and schools depend.

We want to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has contributed to the Student Life Cycle project. You’ve made real difference and helped to lay the foundations for the work to come. We now want to ask that you continue to play an active role in order that Transform can deliver the change we all need. Further information on the detail of how colleagues can get involved will be circulated soon. In the meantime please do not hesitate to contact Tim Collins.

Professor Karen Cox, Deputy Vice-Chancellor

Dr Paul Greatrix, Registrar

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