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Lights, Camera, Halo: A Blockbuster Experience at Halo Solutions

Mamoon Malik shares his experience of a Researcher Academy placement at Halo Solutions Ltd.

“Opportunities don’t happen. You create them.”


This quote by Chris Grosser perfectly encapsulates the essence of my transformative journey during my placement with Halo Solutions Ltd, made possible through the Researcher Academy’s Postgraduate Placements programme. It is a testament to the power of seizing opportunities and the immense growth that follows. I had the privilege to work with an exceptional team, embrace new challenges, and unlock my true potential.

Discovering the Halo Path

The path to my placement with Halo Solutions Ltd began with a conversation with Teresa from the Careers Team within the Business School. She encouraged me to make the most of my time at Nottingham by exploring opportunities to develop myself and gain valuable skills. Inspired by her advice, I eagerly applied for several placements through the Researcher Academy and decided to embark on a journey with Halo Solutions because their value proposition of “making the world a safer place for everyone” resonated with me and my understanding of the business world and its potential.

Entering the Halo Sphere

As I stepped into the world of remote work with Halo Solutions Ltd, I couldn’t help but feel a rush of excitement. I was greeted by Lloyd Major (visionary CEO of Halo Solutions) and Charlie Archer (absolutely talented Partnerships & Insights Manager) with open hearts. They became my guiding lights throughout this transformative journey. Their unwavering support, insightful guidance, and belief in my abilities created an environment where I could thrive and surpass my own expectations. They made me feel at home and gave me complete autonomy in my working style. I instantly felt like this placement was going to open the doors to endless possibilities, allowing me to contribute my skills and expertise to an organization at the forefront of innovation. Although doubts lingered in the back of my mind, my unwavering passion for bringing life into Halo’s marketing efforts propelled me forward, ready to face any challenge that came my way.

Journey Fueled by Growth

Within my role, I was entrusted with diverse responsibilities that encompassed competition analysis, building a robust SEO strategy, crafting brand positioning and messaging, and spearheading new market entry strategies. The dynamic nature of these tasks not only challenged me but also allowed me to expand my skill set and discover untapped potential within myself. We divided the whole placement journey into 8 weeks and the tasks accordingly. Week after week, our virtual scrums and meetings served as platforms for collaboration, brainstorming, and progress evaluation. The constructive feedback, combined with the inspiring energy of the Halo team, fueled my motivation to excel and push beyond my boundaries.

Embracing New Opportunities with Halo

Mamoon with colleagues at Halo

The climax of my placement experience was when the CEO himself called me on a Monday morning and extended a generous offer to continue my journey with Halo Solutions even after my placement concluded. Thrilled by my contributions, Lloyd’s faith in my abilities filled me with a pure sense of pride. Today, as I work hand in hand with the team to implement our branding & SEO strategy across various digital platforms, I am reminded of the tremendous growth and potential this placement has unlocked within me.

“We have supported the University of Nottingham on the postgraduate placement scheme for the last few years. We are fortunate to attract a large number of applicants for our placements and only take 1-2 people each year. These are the pinnacle of the workforce. Having already come so far, to such a great university, and through a Master’s Degree, and then through an intensely sought after role means that anyone we accept into a placement is someone we’re very lucky to work with and are always excited to meet and learn from. This has never been more true with Mamoon. His story, and his journey, means he’s come further than any others and his effort, enthusiasm, passion, and knowledge are second to none. We benefitted hugely from his talent, I benefitted hugely from meeting and working and learning from him and I have every belief he will be an incredibly successful business owner himself one day, I am excited to see what he does for the world. I would recommend him highly and am sure we will work with him again”.

~ Lloyd H. Major, Founder & CEO, Halo Solutions Global Group

Testament to Researcher Academy

I owe a tremendous debt of gratitude to the Researcher Academy for providing this invaluable opportunity. Their unwavering support, commitment to fostering growth, and dedication to connecting postgraduates with industry leaders have opened doors for countless individuals like myself. It is through their vision that I was able to embark on this transformative journey, gaining a global perspective on business operations in the UK market and discovering my true potential along the way.

In conclusion, I wholeheartedly recommend the Researcher Academy’s placements to fellow postgraduates. These placements not only provide an avenue for developing essential skills but also offer a platform to network with industry professionals, learn new perspectives, and achieve remarkable feats. This experience has taught me that when given the chance, we are capable of achieving greatness beyond our imagination.

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