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A passion for cybersecurity

Binitha John, a researcher in the School of Computer Science, tells us about her  placement project at DataMango.

I first learned about the Researcher Academy’s Postgraduate Placements during one of the social events organised by the science department for PGT students. Upon speaking with a representative, I discovered that I had already signed up to receive emails and information about the current vacancies in the field I was interested, in but never used it as I didn’t understand its value then.

Having had success in getting to the interview stages through the placement academy, I decided to give Datamango a try. The job description resonated with me, aligning perfectly with my passion for cybersecurity.

The interview for the placement was conducted online. At the time, I had already booked my tickets to India, and the interview coincided with the day I landed. Fortunately, the Datamango team graciously adjusted their schedules to accommodate mine. The interview, facilitated by Dave, was exceptional, making the entire process comfortable. Surprisingly, I wasn’t as nervous as I anticipated. I was able to convey my enthusiasm for the role, ultimately securing the internship.

The company provided me with the freedom to choose and work on projects aligned with my interests. They offered unwavering support and time for learning, checking in regularly to ensure I acclimated well to the work and the team. Their welcoming and supportive environment motivated me to give my best effort, knowing they had faith in my ability to deliver.

During my placement, I gained valuable experience by applying the skills acquired during my masters. I also picked up new skills like front-end development, which has become a passion. Adapting to remote work and collaboration was also part of the learning curve. The autonomy granted in completing tasks significantly boosted my self-confidence, a highlight of the placement.

I had the opportunity to network with highly experienced individuals in the cybersecurity field, thanks to a team member’s connections. This unexpected opportunity was immensely valuable and something I am truly grateful for.

Photo of Binitha smiling at the camera

Binitha John, postgraduate researcher and Placements alumna

I’m thrilled to share that my journey with Datamango has extended beyond the internship. Following a successful placement, I was offered a full-time position with the company, and I am now a part of their incredible team. Working alongside talented individuals, I continue to contribute to exciting projects and am grateful for the ongoing support and opportunities for growth within this dynamic organisation.

I wholeheartedly recommend Researcher Academy’s placements to postgraduates at the university. These placements offer an excellent chance to develop skills, connect with industry professionals, and broaden your knowledge. You’ll be amazed at what you can achieve when given the opportunity!


Quote from John (My current manager at Datamango): “We were thoroughly impressed with Binitha’s proactive approach and deep understanding of complex cybersecurity concepts. Her contributions went beyond providing valuable insights to the team; she delved into our technology stack with remarkable enthusiasm and crafted a component that showcased her diverse array of talents. Her work not only highlighted her technical proficiency but also her ability to innovate and collaborate.”

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