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Embracing opportunities

Sharon Gadde, a NUBS postgraduate, on her Researcher Academy placement at Maber Architects.

I first heard about the Researcher Academy’s Postgraduate Placements from the university’s career department before I physically joined the university. They urged me to make the most of my time in Nottingham by seizing all the chances to grow personally and acquire practical transferable skills. I was on the outlook for a PPN opportunity related to the field of finance and investment.

I knew an UK internship opportunity would be a perfect step for my learning and career development. When I saw the ‘Financial management systems project internship’ opportunity offered by Maber Architects I knew I would be able to fit into the role.

The interview process was in person, and I remember being nervous as well as excited as this was my first interview in the UK. Maber is known for its culture of collaboration and open communication which I could sense as soon as I entered. I was able to feel at ease immediately and the interview went on smoothly. They already had my resume and cover letter printed in hand and told me what they expected from me. I was able to prove myself after each question while being optimistic about the outcome. Although I heard from them within 10 days but the wait felt like forever.

I was able to join the Maber team in March as soon as my right-to-work check was done. The company let me have complete authority over my work. I had the opportunity to work closely with the finance team and was given tasks based on my previous experience. The team encouraged me to take on more tasks and was always ready to help me or train me in case it was something I had never worked on before. I had to work only twice a week and the work was flexible. The team was very considerate about me being a student and let me select the days I would be available to work based on my classes. I also had a chance to work from home when I wasn’t feeling well which was very courteous. I felt motivated to work diligently especially because I knew the company believed in me and my abilities to excel.

I learned a lot from this opportunity offered by the Researcher Academy’s Postgraduate Placements. Being able to help the team with different types of tasks through my 3 months internship while attending classes made me feel like a professional. I gained experience in adapting to teamwork and remote collaboration simultaneously. I also got the opportunity to work in an environment with a UK work culture. This would be very helpful for me in the future in finding a job here and adapting to the new culture.

I strongly suggest postgraduate students take complete advantage of the placements offered by the university’s research academy. It will allow someone new to university life to have professional growth along with the added benefit of earning in a foreign country.

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