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September 1, 2017, by Philip Moriarty

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The School of Physics & Astronomy hasn’t been exactly shy of engaging via social media over the years. For one thing, we collaborate closely with the prolific and talented Brady Haran on a number of his successful YouTube channels including, in particular, Sixty Symbols. (The School was delighted that our efforts with Brady on Sixty Symbols were recognised by the Institute of Physics last year.)

We’ve also got a School Twitter feed, @UoN_Physics, whose nuggets of information and wisdom are all down to Jo Melton, a third year undergraduate student. A number of my colleagues here similarly have been known to occasionally tweet their thoughts on a range of topics spanning¬†homeopathy,¬†the trials and tribulations of Liverpool FC, or the current state of caffeination of the Astronomy group. (I personally have an ongoing love-hate relationship with social media…).

But the main reason I’m writing this post is to highlight that we now have a School YouTube channel, UoN Physics, which will feature conversations with physics students and researchers at Nottingham about… well, just about anything that takes their fancy. Behind the camera/editing software this time is Hannah Coleman, who’ll be starting the first year of her BSc degree this September, having very successfully completed the Foundation Year at Nottingham. (Hannah has lots of great videos at her channel, which I wholeheartedly recommend, describing her not-entirely-traditional route into a physics degree). Hannah and Jo will work together on the School’s social media presence in the coming academic year, including for the University open days later this month (Sept 15 and 16).

Here are the first two videos for the UoN Physics channel…

We are currently filming a series of videos for the UoN Physics channel addressing questions from A-level students. If you’re an A-level student who has a burning (or even slightly warm) question about any aspect of studying physics at university, please get in touch either by e-mail to or by tweeting @UoN_Physics. Video clips welcomed — we’ll incorporate them in our YouTube response (if that’s OK with you).

For those of you planning to visit on one of the UoN open days later this month, I look forward very much to welcoming you to the School. (And for those of you who unfortunately can’t make it in person, Hannah will be uploading a virtual tour of the campus — from a Physics student’s perspective — to the UoN Physics channel next week.)



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