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Philip Moriarty

Professor of Physics, University of Nottingham

I’m a physicist in the School of Physics and Astronomy, University of Nottingham. My research interests span a number of topical themes in nanometre scale science with a particular current focus on single atom/molecule manipulation using scanning probes. See my ORCID profile for a full list of publications and grant awards:

I’ve a keen interest in outreach activities, primary and secondary education, and both science and higher education funding policy. (See the “Beyond the Ivory Tower” tab). In addition to participating in a number of research council-funded public engagement projects (including Giants of the Infinitesimal), I’ve been interviewed, and written for, The Independent, The Guardian, Times Higher Education, BBC Radio 4, Die Zeit, and The Economist amongst others. I’m also a regular contributor to the Sixty Symbols YouTube project. Although I maintained a personal blog and YouTube channel for a number of years, they’ve bitten the dust for the reasons discussed in this post for the LSE Impact blog.

While I don’t share my infamous namesake’s fascination with the binomial theorem, in my spare time I enjoy exploring the relationships between mathematics/physics and music.