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Film Stars For The Day! Student Nurses And Staff From The University of Nottingham and Birmingham City University Filming Together

On February 26th 2016 following months of preparation, student nurses and staff from The University of Nottingham and Birmingham City University became film stars for the day.    The film is about public expectations of professional behaviour.   The Nursing and Midwifery Council’s Code of Conduct formed the basis for the film script.    The film …

The Hoodies Are Coming

The plan to film student nurses from The University of Nottingham and Birmingham City University is taking shape.  The script developed from our workshop held last summer is now written.  We have hired the West Midlands Fire Service’s  Safeside Educational Unit in Birmingham for the filming activity.   The filming will take place on Friday …

Getting down with the MOOCs. Re-usable Learning Object Development To Become Part Of A Massive Online Open Course

Our project is to become part of an exciting new Massive Online Open Course, also known as a MOOC. The University of Nottingham’s fantastic Health and E-learning Media Team (HELM) are working with FutureLearn to develop a Massive Online Open Course. Massive Online Open Courses  or MOOCs, are free learning platforms for the general public across the …

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Meeting with Sir Andrew Witty. The Chancellor of The University of Nottingham.

Student Nurse Adam Street and The Health and E-Learning Media Team have met with Sir Andrew Witty, Chancellor of The University of Nottingham. At the meeting Sir Andrew was keen to hear about the projects currently being developed by HELM. Adam Street gave an account of his experiences of working with HELM.   He was …

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Planning the plot and writing the script

The Cascade funding is being put to excellent use to purchase consultation time with the Health E-Learning and Media Team (HELM) based in the School of Health Sciences at The University of Nottingham.  The HELM team are working with our group on a potential narrative for the Re-usable Learning Object about professional behaviour.    At …

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Developing the Re-usable Learning Object (RLO) about the Nursing and Midwifery Council’s Code of Conduct. The (bus) journey starts here

August is a good month to work on new projects.  Marking has been completed and the student nurses are in practice or on vacation.  The Virtual Exchange team are meeting at Birmingham City University  for the next phase of the Re-usable Learning Object (RLO) development.  At our workshop one group came up with the really …

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An e-Tale of Two Cities: The workshop event between Notts and Brum.

Today Friday 12th June 2015 we have had a really great RLO workshop.   A group of students and staff from Nottingham and BCU  attended the event.  Three objectives were achieved.  The Health e-Learning and Media (HELM) team guided us through the storyboard technique to develop ideas for the RLO.  I am reliably informed that …

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An e-Tale of Two Cities: Sky(pe) scraping about the Virtual Exchange

Following on from our excellent Skype discussion we have decided to spend our precious and much appreciated Cascade money on developing a single Re-usable Learning Object (RLO).   RLOs are chunks of learning containing different kinds of activities ranging from quizzes to podcasts.  They are designed to support other aspects of learning.    As a …

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An e-Tale of Two Cities: Connecting Student Nurses In Nottingham and Birmingham

Interesting times lie ahead for year 1 student nurses wanting to experience a gentle taster of studying elsewhere, as an alternative to a traditional exchange.   A group of staff from Nottingham and Birmingham City Universities (BCU) have been awarded Cascade funding from Nottingham’s Alumni to develop an extra-curricular virtual exchange activity between student nurses at …

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