May 18, 2015, by Fern Todhunter

An e-Tale of Two Cities: Connecting Student Nurses In Nottingham and Birmingham

Fern Todhunter

Dr Fern Todhunter

Interesting times lie ahead for year 1 student nurses wanting to experience a gentle taster of studying elsewhere, as an alternative to a traditional exchange.   A group of staff from Nottingham and Birmingham City Universities (BCU) have been awarded Cascade funding from Nottingham’s Alumni to develop an extra-curricular virtual exchange activity between student nurses at the two Institutions.  Our project adds to the traditional approach of going elsewhere to live whilst learning. Student nurses based in Nottingham and Birmingham will be able to experience a study-elsewhere activity located in their own setting.

Our blog will show the phases for planning and designing the site and what happens when it goes live. Although only separated by a short section of motorway, the two areas have contrasting cultures and communities. This will be a great opportunity to explore diversity and to find out about each others’ areas of study.  We have come up with a very apt title for our blog ‘A e-Tale of Two Cities.’  This will show the contributions of the two Universities in developing the site.  Albeit only the M42 parts us, a Skype conference is a great way to move things forward.  Team Nottingham and Team Birmingham City are planning to chat on how to develop content for the virtual exchange site.  Follow our progress to see how we unpack our decisions and actions.   Opportunities for exchanges and extra-curricular activity are popular with students and staff.  This initiative offers the chance for both Universities to link up for some light touch academic activity and social networking.


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