December 18, 2015, by Fern Todhunter

Getting down with the MOOCs. Re-usable Learning Object Development To Become Part Of A Massive Online Open Course

Our project is to become part of an exciting new Massive Online Open Course, also known as a MOOC. The University of Nottingham’s fantastic Health and E-learning Media Team (HELM) are working with FutureLearn to develop a Massive Online Open Course. Massive Online Open Courses  or MOOCs, are free learning platforms for the general public across the globe.   They reflect The University of Nottingham’s philosophy of Knowledge Without Borders  A documentary is being made about our activity and the subsequent behind-the scenes work.  The documentary will be part of  the MOOC being created by the HELM team.  This is entitled ‘Designing E-Learning for Health. Discover a methodology for designing e-learning objects.’  The MOOC documents the method that is being used to create our Re-usable Learning Object.hero_23b670d1-8330-4f89-a508-dbd590f2ca1c

The details of the HELM Team’s MOOC can be found at

The partnership between the HELM Team and FutureLearn reflects The University of Nottingham as a provider of good quality learning materials that are free of charge and irrespective of circumstances.  The MOOC will be available from Monday 15th February 2016 as a five week course.  The HELM team will be on hand to work with participants wanting to find out more about Designing E-Learning For Health for their Re-Usable Learning Object projects.



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