The Hoodies

January 27, 2016, by Fern Todhunter

The Hoodies Are Coming

Student Nurses Adam Street, Charlene Carr, Jennifer Thurstan and Maria Middleton wearing their Hoodies

Student Nurses Adam Street, Charlene Carr, Jennifer Thurstan and Maria Middleton wearing their Hoodies

The plan to film student nurses from The University of Nottingham and Birmingham City University is taking shape.  The script developed from our workshop held last summer is now written.  We have hired the West Midlands Fire Service’s  Safeside Educational Unit in Birmingham for the filming activity.   The filming will take place on Friday 26th February 2016.   We will be using a number of film props.  These props include a large red bus and specially designed Hoodies.    The student nurses will become film stars for the day.  They will be filmed behaving in a professional and then an unprofessional manner. The filming will take place on the large red bus.  This is a permanent fixture at the Safeside Unit.  These filmed scenarios will then be used to develop our planned Re-usable Learning Object (RLO).  This is about expectations of professional standards of behaviours at all times, irrespective of the location. Behind the scenes Dr Fern Todhunter has been working with the the School of Health Sciences’ Quality Assurance lead.  The purpose of this work was to review the professional content of the RLO and its links to the Nursing and Midwifery Council.

The student nurses will wear  specially designed Hoodies for the filming.  This has involved discussions between our workshop team, a procured supplier,  the  Corporate Marketing Team at The University of Nottingham and the Marketing and Communications Team at Birmingham City University.  Our discussions have been about the use of both Universities’ logos  and The University of Nottingham Alumni Impact logo on the Hoodies.    The Hoodie  has a special purpose.   It will show the importance of the relationship between professional behaviour and being recognizable and visible as a student nurse.   The general public have expectations of student nurses as future registered practitioners.  The Nursing and Midwifery Council’s Code of Conduct sets out the importance  of being aware at all times of how behaviour can affect and influence the impressions of the general public.

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