June 12, 2015, by Fern Todhunter

An e-Tale of Two Cities: The workshop event between Notts and Brum.

Today Friday 12th June 2015 we have had a really great RLO workshop.   A group of students and staff from Nottingham and BCU  attended the event.  Three objectives were achieved.  The Health e-Learning and Media (HELM) team guided us through the storyboard technique to develop ideas for the RLO.  I am reliably informed that story-boarding has some similarities to karaoke.  Trying to wrestle the pen instead of the microphone can be a challenge, so lots of pens and storyboards were available to work with.   The emerging ideas can be seen in the photographs below.

The photographs are proof that this was also a great opportunity to chat about the virtual exchange and develop some additional networks.   The students have set up a Facebook page about their current study experiences.   Uniquely the HELM team took the opportunity to create a film log as a resource about resource development.   With all permissions in place the group rose to the challenge and ideally appeared to forget about the recording process.   The  backdrop from room A42 window in the Sir Clive Grainger building provided a an excellent view of the University parkland and the city of Nottingham bathed in sunshine.  The technical crew took advantage of the good weather and great scenery to film outside.  Students and staff gave their thoughts on developing the resource and what they had achieved from this initial activity.  The School of Health Sciences kindly provided the funds for our lunch.    Our next task is to review the storyboards and write a narrative of the content.  We will then think about the structures that work best for this RLO.   You can also follow our progress on Twitter @FernTodhunter.

Our storify link for the day  gives more excellent pictures of the group and is accessible at:   https://storify.com/UoN_HELM/rlo-mooc-workshop-12th-june-2015

Dr Fern Todhunter

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