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On this day in AD284 Diocletian became emperor

Before becoming emperor, Diocles (for this seems to have been his birth name) had been a successful leader in the military field.

On this day in AD221 the emperor Elagabalus adopted Severus Alexander

What prompted the notorious emperor to adopt his young cousin as his heir?

On this day in AD 214 the emperor Claudius II Gothicus was born

But who was this man who ruled for just two years?

On this day in 222AD Severus Alexander became emperor of Rome

On 14th of March 222 Severus Alexander became emperor at the tender age of just thirteen, making him the second youngest Emperor in Rome’s history.

On this day in 222AD Elagabalus, the most luxurious emperor of Rome, was murdered

Still only aged 18 and manoeuvered into power by the powerful women in his life, Elagabalus’ life was ended 1793 years ago today.

1771 years ago today: Roman emperor Gordian III died aged just 19

On February 11th 244 the boy-emperor Gordian III died in mysterious circumstances aged just nineteen. He was the youngest person to accede to unshared power in the history of the Roman empire.