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On this day in AD 303 the so-called “Great Persecution” of Christians within the Roman Empire began

If the ancient sources can be believed, the followers of Christ suffered greatly from the end of the second century AD onwards, when prominent ecclesiastical scholars such as Tertullian began to propagate their interpretations of scripture and argue against participation in imperial pagan ceremonies, resulting in some Christians being forced out of certain social, political and military institutions.

On this day in AD 4, Gaius (Julius) Caesar died in the province of Lycia, aged 23 or 24.

Text by Harry Tanton Image by Mint Imperials Gaius was the eldest son of Augustus’ close friend and loyal ally, Marcus Vipsanius Agrippa, and the emperor’s only daughter, Julia the Elder. He was born in Rome in 20 BC. Lacking a biological male heir, in 17 BC when Gaius was only three years old, Augustus …