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On this day in 43 BC, the Lex Titia was passed at Rome

The passage of the Lex Titia legalized the collective rule of three statesmen over the Roman Republic and effectively signified its demise and the rise of autocracy: by the terms of the law Lepidus, Marc Antony, and Octavian (the future emperor Augustus) formed what is known today as the Second Triumvirate.

On this day in AD284 Diocletian became emperor

Before becoming emperor, Diocles (for this seems to have been his birth name) had been a successful leader in the military field.

On this day in AD308 Licinius became Augustus in the West

He also had the good fortune to be a childhood friend of the future emperor Galerius; this relationship would prove to be important in Licinius’ rise to power.

On this day in AD 30, the Roman emperor Nerva was born in Narnia.

That’s the the Italian town of Narnia, in Umbria, of course.