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On this day in 302 Diocletian issued his edict on Manicheanism

But who were the Manicheans? And what did Diocletian think of them?

On this day in 180AD the Roman emperor Marcus Aurelius died

On the coin he is shown ascending to heaven on the back on an eagle, seeming to wave goodbye to the world.

On this day in 37AD the Roman emperor Tiberius died

The second emperor of Rome died on this day, to be succeeded by a man ill-suited to rule: Gaius, known as Caligula.

On this day in 222AD Severus Alexander became emperor of Rome

On 14th of March 222 Severus Alexander became emperor at the tender age of just thirteen, making him the second youngest Emperor in Rome’s history.

On this day in 222AD Elagabalus, the most luxurious emperor of Rome, was murdered

Still only aged 18 and manoeuvered into power by the powerful women in his life, Elagabalus’ life was ended 1793 years ago today.

2027 years ago today: Augustus took the title Pontifex Maximus

Augustus, Rome’s first emperor, took the title “pontifex maximus” and combined in himself political and religious leadership.