January 18, 2017, by Cara

A Busy Week

Well the first week back at university was definitely intense. After all of the Christmas festivities and feasting on food, getting back into a routine has been a shock to the system to say the least.

However, it has also been a time of diving in at the deep end. This module is assessed through a debate and an essay, both of which are on separate topics. This in itself requires the ability to multi-task, something which I occasionally struggle with. Nevertheless the cohort has risen to the challenge. We were given three days to prepare presentations on public health topics, whilst having full timetables, and by the time Friday came around everyone’s presentations were informative and well structured. It is times like these that you realise you are often capable of more than you believe.

Also, some of us had our moving and handling sessions on the Wednesday and as a result I now feel a lot more confident using hoists and sliding sheets should the women we care for have any difficulties with mobility. The day also involved working in teams which was not only enjoyable but lovely to see how as a cohort we can all work so well together.

I would also like to take the opportunity to congratulate Olivia Butler on getting through to the finals of the British Journal of Midwifery Student Midwife of the Year Award, we wish you luck!

I hope the other cohorts had an enjoyable week too and I look forward to seeing what the rest of the semester brings.


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