February 8, 2017, by Cara

The Great Debate

What a relief, we did it! Our first ever debate and we lived to tell the tale. Whilst it was a daunting task, it was also an exciting one. Each group had different topics, all of which had their challenges. For some, it meant debating something that they did not necessarily believe in and that in itself is a skill. Sometimes when you can’t convince yourself of something, you wonder how you will ever manage to convince others. Researching something from another angle really shows that there is always more than one perspective and that sometimes there is no right answer, just a different one.


I have to admit that when first presented with the task of doing a debate I didn’t quite understand the reason why, but now I do.  As future midwives there will be times when we don’t agree with people’s points of view or opinions. In completing the debate we learnt that there is often an equal amount of evidence to support an opposing view.


As midwives we will need the skill and ability to work with others and present the evidence but also be open to hearing others. There may be times when we still don’t agree with the other person but cannot dismiss the valid points that person is making. This results in a situation when you realise there is no right answer and therefore someone must compromise. It’s important when working as a team to remember that both of you want the same outcome, you just might have different ways of achieving it.


I was so impressed with the whole cohort and how each and every one of us rose to the challenge and did so well. There were even points when I started to question my own opinions. Even more impressive, was the fact that many pushed themselves out of their comfort zones by speaking in public. There were certainly moments when my own heart was pounding with nerves.


Now it is time to write the essay and I have every confidence that we will all do well and excel in our first assessment in anatomy and physiology.  One down, one to go!

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