February 16, 2017, by Cara

The End of the Theory Block

What a busy six weeks! We have now successfully submitted our first assessment in anatomy and physiology. I hoped in this module that some of what we had seen in practice would click when learning the theory behind it. Nearing the end of the module I am happy to say that everything has clicked in to place. It is surprising how much you can learn in six weeks. I now feel I have a much better understanding of the physiological changes in pregnancy, the puerperium (still getting to grips with how to say it) and changes in the neonate.

Writing essays is definitely not my strong point but I looked forward to writing a different style of essay which focused on explaining processes, something quite different to the discussion-based essay we have done previously.  I cannot lie, there were times when I would stare at my computer screen and wonder how on earth I would ever get the word count down but eventually I got there. Unfortunately, staring at the word count does not magically reduce it as I found out after a good 20 minutes of trying. I know there were many of us who shared this experience yet somehow our moral support for one another when we doubted ourselves got us through.

Assessments submitted, we started our final week of theory. I think the final theory week is one of my favourites.  The pace is a little slower and gives us the chance to look at topics not previously covered such as changes to the breast as well as reflecting on the module. Also, we have the opportunity to prepare for practice. Myself and the rest of the cohort are incredibly excited to be starting our first labour ward placements next week. There will be lots to learn and times when we probably feel a little overwhelmed due to being in a completely different environment to the community setting we are used to. Despite this, I look forward to all of the new experiences we will have and all that we will learn over the next six weeks.

It is strange to think that after a period of seeing each other nearly every day, we now won’t be together for another seven weeks. I look forward to seeing everyone soon and being able to reflect as a group and wish the 1701 cohort the best of luck in their first community placement.

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