January 9, 2017, by Cara

First Day of the Spring Semester

Today was the first day of the Spring semester. While the torrential rain on the walk to university made it feel like anything but Spring, there was definitely a great deal of excitement amongst myself and my peers upon arriving at the first lecture of the day.

Coming back after our first placement meant a few things. Firstly, that we would finally get to see each other after a whole eight weeks when prior to this we would see each other every day. Also, it meant getting the opportunity to hear everyone’s wonderful experiences of placement. Lastly, it meant the launch of the next module. The combination resulted in a feeling which could only really be compared to starting back at school after the summer holidays, which as a child always felt like a lifetime.

Seeing everyone again was lovely and having the opportunity to reflect on practice is something I feel everyone benefitted from as each of us had experienced a wide variety of things on our very first placement as student midwives. We concluded at the end of the session that everyone had thoroughly enjoyed their first placement and in all honesty this showed on everyone’s faces. I feel incredibly proud to work alongside so many who share such a strong passion for the profession, a passion which has only grown throughout placement.

After lunch we had a module launch on Normal Midwifery Practice in Contemporary Society, that left me feeling both excited and nervous. The module covers a wide variety of topics and I am really looking forward to looking at both the psychosocial aspects while learning anatomy and physiology to bridge the gap between theory and practice. This module also brings about the exciting task of working as a team to debate. It will be a great opportunity to work on a project as a team but perhaps also push us outside some of our comfort zones when it comes to public speaking.

The next six weeks will certainly be busy but I cannot wait for things to ‘click’ when understanding the theory behind something I’ve seen in practice. I hope everyone has had a restful holiday over the Christmas period as the work begins again and a big welcome to the new cohort 1701, I hope the course is everything you hoped for, it certainly is for me!

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