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Spotlight on Scholars – Dr Shibley Rahman

This is one of our “Spotlight on Scholars” blog posts: introducing current members of our student body and discussing what they are learning about #MedEd and the Nottingham Course.

In National Carers week, we introduce Dr Shibley Rahman – https://www.carersweek.org/

I enrolled onto the PGCert in medical education at Nottingham, with a view to doing the full Masters programme at Nottingham – to give me something which I would be interested in, and find challenging – as respite for being an unpaid family carer.

1. Why medical education, and why now?

I’ve seen various reasons for why registered doctors make the decisions they make regarding their own career.

When I graduated, it was popular to ‘do research’ to improve career progression prospects. At that time, medical education was barely an option in training. There was very much the culture that brilliant doctors would automatically become brilliant educators. Having been at the coal face of really poor teaching as a junior doctor in prestigious units in London, having graduated in medicine and with a Ph.D. from Cambridge in 2001, I can clearly say this wasn’t true in the early 2000s in busy teaching hospitals in London.

Newly disabled after becoming a junior doctor, and as an Asian, I have become increasingly interested in the suboptimal aspects of the NHS, which can lead to an educational environment which is far from inclusive.

Having been a patient and carer for most of my adult life, I have had time to reflect on medicine and care, and the changes necessary for improvement.

2. Which one of the 12 roles of a teacher appeals most to you and why?

This question is referring to AMEE guide no 20, ‘The good teacher is more than a lecturer – the twelve roles of a teacher’.

In my limited formal role for the NHS, I am a part-time specialist advisor in disability. Being disabled, and, as someone who is a survivor of poor health, but who has contributed in a number of ways as a result of my ‘medical identity’, I would love to be a mentor.

That’s because I am out of the system pretty much entirely, and yet others have taken me on as a mentee in clinical medicine and research completely informally – knowing the challenges I face. These are people I’ve even met on Twitter, or some very longstanding close acquaintances.

Being out of the system means that my involvement is entirely voluntary. I became – out of interest in medical education – a member of ASME, the Association for the Study of Medical Education.

3. One thing I’ve discovered studying on the programme that I didn’t know before starting this year

The most powerful construct I’ve learnt this year without any doubt is ‘constructive alignment’ – a rather fanciful phrase meaning that teaching and learning activities, intended learning outcomes, and assessment outcomes are closely related.

4. The most interesting paper you’ve come across so far in your reading

All papers are interesting to me, even if I profoundly disagree with some of them.

5. What I’d like to achieve by the end of this year

I had a 100% attendance from the several full profs in medical education from England and a London Training Programme Director for the journal club which I ran virtually for scholars. I want to get some of our Scholars inspired in research in #MedEd as I am.  I obviously wish to pass my PGCert sufficiently well to do my PGDip at Nottingham in MedEd next year.

Dr Shibley Rahman is a Scholar on the MMedSci medical education at University of Nottingham
QS BA (1st) MA MB BChir PhD (all Cambridge) MRCP(UK) LLB(Hons) LLM MBA PGDiplLaw
Special advisor in disability in NHS Practitioner Health
Honorary research fellow, University College London
He has also written a number of books: examples here

Join us on the Nottingham MedEd course: https://www.nottingham.ac.uk/pgstudy/course/taught/medical-education-mmedsci

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