2 graduating students posing with Dr McConnell

August 2, 2023, by mszrm4

Summer Graduation 2023

Well done! to our Scholars graduating last week 

Dr McConnell with gown and mortar board hatMost of our Scholars on the PGCert, PGDip and Masters in Medical Education will finish their studies in the summer and their marks are then ratified at the Exam Board in Autumn, ready for the UoN December Graduation dates. However, a few people graduate in the summer, and I was glad to be able to attend graduation for the first time and applaud them on!

a line of UoN staff

I didn’t attend my own Masters graduation, so this was my first chance to wear the UoN robes. I ended up at the front of the procession and sitting on the front row of the staff sitting on the podium!

Of the hundreds of students gaining their awards, only 5 or 6 were MedEd Scholars, including one of our PhD Scholars. 

My hands hurt from clapping!

I managed to catch up with 2 of our Scholars graduating with Masters in Medical Education (photo above), but I was sorry to miss everyone else. It was very busy, with lots of vet and medical students and their families. 

If you are due to finish your studies this summer, then pencil in the Winter Graduation on Wednesday 13th Dec 2023.


If you would like to join us on the Post-Graduate taught courses in Medical Education at Nottingham, you can find the details here and make enquiries: https://www.nottingham.ac.uk/pgstudy/course/taught/medical-education-mmedsci

Our PGCert is accredited by @AdvanceHE  and  @MedicalEducator

Application deadlines have passed for full-time/ international students, but “home” part-time students have until the end of August to submit their applications.


Dr Rebecca McConnell is a Clinical Associate Professor in Medical Education at university of Nottingham, a GP, GP Trainer (educational Supervisor) and a GP Appraiser. She leads the Diploma module “Coaching Mentoring and Supervision” on the MedEd course.


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