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CONGRATULATIONS graduation December 2022!!

Congratulations to the Nottingham Medical Education scholars graduating on Thursday 15th December 2022

We held our Exam Board on 2nd November Course 2022 and agreed all the awards of scholars finishing the course in Summer 2022. The External Examiner was, again, very complimentary about the quality of our scholars’ work that he reviewed and the commended the course team on running such a successful set of PGT courses in Medical Education. 

Completing any postgraduate qualification whilst also working in the NHS (like most of our scholars do) is a great achievement, and we are very proud of all our scholars on the course, and we mention a few names especially below.

2 men in graduations gowns

Dr Rakesh Patel and one of our scholars at the July 2022 graduation ceremony

We awarded number of prizes after this exam board for this with the highest credit-weighted average score in:

  • MMedSci Medical Education – Jamal Giri
  • PG Certificate – Alpna Chauhan
  • (There are no PG Diplomas awarded this year)

Those who scored the highest average mark in each of our modules will also received a certificate recognising this:

  • MEDS4015 – Pei Jie Chong
  • MEDS4018 – Madiyyah Khan
  • MEDS4014 – Alpna Chauhan
  • MEDS4023 – Jamal Giri; Hoi Man Sharon Chan; Helen Kennedy; Keiron Lord (co-recipients)
  • MEDS4010 – Jamal Giri
  • MEDS4011 – Helen Kennedy
  • MEDS4016 – Helen Kennedy
  • MEDI4014 – Tanzeel Ansari and Jamal Giri (co-recipients)
  • MEDS4017 – Jamal Giri




Join us on the Nottingham MedEd course:

We are holding a live online “open event” for people interested in the course to meet some of the core faculty members, hear more about the course and to ask any questions they have: Wednesday 22nd Feb 2023 – 1pm – 2pm GMT on MS Teams
Please book your place on this event through this link:

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