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February 13, 2024, by mszrm4

Exploring the experiences of medical students after failing an exam – publication from an UoNMedEd Alumni!


Dr Robert Jay has published the research he did as part of his Masters in MedEd at Nottm


I would like to start by thanking all the people all the staff in the medical school education centre who helped me get my project to publication. I wanted to look into remediation for my Masters project and Dr Pam Hagan supervised my project. Dr Rakesh Patel, who was course director at the time, had done his own master’s dissertation interviewing students who had experience of failing high stakes exams in medical school, and so was an invaluable contributor as well.
The aim of my project was to look at the experiences of medical students who had failed (then passed) an exam and their views on the support and feedback they received. A key area we explored was what kind of emotions their experiences brought up for them. 4 students were interview and then the text was analysed using Interpretive Phenomenological analysis methodology. Dr Chris Madan – an Assistant Professor in the Psychology department – was an invaluable contributor, conducting the Linguistic Inquiry and Word Count (LIWC) part of this research and writing the sections of the manuscript relating to this methodology.

University Nottingham stock image of a man and woman talkingYou can read the final article here:
A phenomenological exploration of the feedback experience of medical students after summative exam failure 

I enjoyed my Masters in MedEd and my role as teaching Fellow so much that I have continued to follow an academic and teaching career pathway and I am currently studying for a PhD in medical education at Edge Hill, whilst also working at the new medical school in Lincoln as Director of Clinical Skills.

Dr Rob Jay is a Clinical Associate Professor and Director of Clinical Skills at University of Lincoln Medical School. He completed his MMedSci in Medical Education at University of Nottingham in 2021. Dr Jay works clinically as a GP.


Underperformance and remediation are the subjects of one of the optional modules on the Masters (and PG Diploma) in Medical Education at Nottingham.

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