July 7, 2016, by Graham Kendall

UNMC is a key institution for Biodiversity Conservation in Asia

From 29th June to 2nd July Conservation Asia 2016, was held in Singapore. This is a joint meeting of the Society for Conservation Biology in Asia (Ahimsa Campos Arceiz is currently President of this society) and the Association for Tropical Biology and Conservation Asia-Pacific.

The meeting was attended by 600 people, from around 40 countries, all supported by an outstanding scientific program.

We were particularly pleased to see the strong presence of UNMC at the meeting.

A total of 21 UNMC members participated in the conference, including five of our undergraduates from Environmental Sciences, one MSc student, all of Ahimsa’s research group and four faculty staff.

It is especially pleasing to see that two of our undergraduate students presented. This alone is a remarkable achivement.

We are still awaiting final numbers, but we believe that UNMC was the second best represented academic institution at the meeting, after the National University of Singapore..

We feel that this indicates that UNMC excel and play a significant leadership role for Biodiversity Conservation in Asia.

We are really proud of all our staff and students, and the work they do in this area.

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