June 1, 2016, by tvu

Satellite remote sensing for monitoring construction project

Led by Dr. Tuong-Thuy Vu, School of Geography, a multidisciplinary team of UNMC developed an automated system for progress monitoring of key repetitive construction activities in linear infrastructure projects. Initiated from a brief chat between two old friends, Dr. Vu and Mr. Ioannes Tang, Department of Civil Engineering, the project idea was formulated on the utilisation of latest space remote sensing technologies in support construction monitoring and management. With additional contribution from Computer Science (Dr. Tomas Maul and Mr. Ho Sooi Hock) and Prasarana’s team, the project was started thanks to funding from eScience, MOSTI. The project well demonstrates the seamless integration of research development from geospatial science, computer science and civil engineering. “The developed system can enhance the process of communication on deviations and construction efficiency between project decision makers through a web-based monitoring interface”. More details please refer to the published paper on Automation in Construction journal (link is here).

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