April 21, 2016, by Graham Kendall

Nottingham Research Leaders Program: Sometimes good things just happen

pic002As part of the Nottingham Research Leaders Program (NRLP), we paid a visit to the Ministry of Education (MoE). This was a follow up to the MoE recently visiting the University of Nottingham, UK and meeting with the Vice Chancellor. Professor Sir David Greenaway explained NRLP, which led to the NRLP delegation being invited to the ministry.

It was an excellent meeting and we appreciate Datin Siti, as well as other representatives from the Ministry of Education and colleagues from the public universities, taking the time out to host us, and engage in a very useful and informative discussion.

On the way out from the Ministry, somebody spotted the Minister of Education (Dato’ Seri Haji Idris bin Jusoh) and engaged him in conversation (this was a little scary for the UNMC based management team :-)). Before we knew it, the 30+ University of Nottingham people had a group photo and then the minister gave an ad-hoc lecture about the Malaysian Education landscape.

Next (riding our luck!) we made a cheeky call to people we know at Heriot Watt’s Malaysia campus. Janice was good enough (thank you) to accommodate us at such short notice.2016-04-21 11.58.51

Not only did the NRLP delegates get to visit the Heriot Watt campus (and its fantastic rooftop), but also their VC (Richard Williams) was in town, so we could meet with him, Janice (COO) and Bob (Provost).

Neither of these events were planned – and if they had been they would no doubt had gone wrong. Sometimes, good thing just happen.

Thank you Dato’ Sri – your time was greatly appreciated.

Thank you Heriot Watt for being so accommodating and taking the time out to let us visit. We owe you one!

Sometimes good things just happen, which is the opposite of another famous saying, which I won’t repeat here!


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