September 15, 2015, by tvu

Published research on Natural Products

Recent findings on detailed structure elucidation and biological activity of six new indole alkaloids and two new vobasinyl-iboga bisindole alkaloids, in addition to other known alkaloids isolated from the stem-bark extract of the Malayan Tabernaemontana corymbosa have been published on Journal of Natural Products by Dr. Lim Kuan-Hon of School of Pharmacy, University of Nottingham, Malaysia campus.  The structures of these alkaloids were established on the basis of NMR and MS analyses, and in an instance confirmed by X-ray diffraction analysis. Vincamajicine (one of the new indole alkaloids) showed appreciable activity in reversing multidrug resistance in vincristine-resistant KB cells (IC50 2.62 mM), while ervatensines A and B (the two new bisindoles) displayed pronounced in vitro growth inhibitory activity against a panel of seven cancer cell lines (IC50 0.70 – 4.19 mM). Cell cycle and Annexin V-FITC apoptosis assays indicated that ervatensines A and B inhibited proliferation of HCT-116 and MDA-468 cells, evoking apoptotic and necrotic cell death.

The paper can be accessed here.

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