May 25, 2015, by Graham Kendall

ASEAN SME 2015: These things don’t plan themselves

On 26-28 May 2015, Malaysia hosts the ASEAN SME 2015 conference at KLCC. This is a high profile event that will attract many companies from around the ASEAN region.

We are delighted to have been offered a stand by BMCC (British Malaysia Chamber of Commerce) which enables us to present our research, and our contract resaerch offerings through MyResearch. We are very grateful to BMCC for this opportunity.

The BEIS (Business Engagement and Innovation Services) team at the University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus have been working very hard to get the stand ready, and have also been working with academic colleagues so that we are able to present as much of our research as we can.

This post is from the day before, just to show that these things don’t organise themselves. You might recall a previous MyResearch event that also did not organise itself!

The photographs below – which represents a days work at KLCC, and weeks of planning – shows just some of the effort that has gone into this event. But, I am told, we are READY!

We’ll be tweeting (@MyResearchUNMC) – please follow us – from the event, and will write a post-conference blog post.

We hope to see you there.

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