March 25, 2015, by tvu

Visit of 31 Orang Asli children from Tras, Pahang

The Biomedical Sciences Society hosted a group of 31 Orang Asli (from Temuan and Rungus tribes) children on 14 March 2015 who came from Tras, Pahang. These children live in a boarding house away from their parents during school term time to enable them to attend schools. Thus, they have to leave home when they turned six years old. Their parents live in remote villages and they do not have transport to go to school otherwise. The Biomedical Sciences student volunteers have arranged a number of fun activities including DNA extraction from banana and viewing of diseased cells under the microscope. These children left the campus at 4pm feeling pleased and happy that they have learned something new. These children have also been inspired by their short visit to the campus and commented that they wish to pursue their studies until university level.

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