October 25, 2014, by tvu

Staying FRESH

By Prof. Asgar Ali, Professor in Post-harvest Physiology & Technology at University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus and the founding director of the ‘Centre of Excellence for Postharvest Biotechnology’


“It is saddening that the current practices are too dependent on the use of synthetic chemicals with little consideration for health implications on consumers. We were therefore delighted when we discovered that the shelf life of ozone-fumigated papaya was extended to up to 14 days without affecting quality. This breakthrough will be able to provide an alternative to the growers and maximise their profits. Our research team has also successfully applied the technology to fresh-cut fruits and vegetables. The concept of this technology has been successfully proven, but great challenges may be faced to replace the current traditional practices. Studies to develop alternatives to synthetic chemicals should not stop, bearing in mind the economic and social impact on the country.”

Prof. Asgar Ali has recently published this article in Berita British Malaysian Chambers of Commerce, September-October 2014.

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