August 17, 2014, by Graham Kendall

Lifecycle 4

August 15th saw the start of Lifecycle 4, which is led by the Vice-Chancellor, along with 14 other riders.

The previous three raised £760,000 for research into palliative and end of life care, increasing opportunities for students irrespective of financial means, and stroke rehabilitation research.

This year’s 1,400+ mile challenge will be the longest yet, taking in all four corners [mathematicians, answers on a postcard please!] of Great Britain in aid of Children’s Brain Tumour Research. Each rider will be riding in honour of a child who has battled this life-threatening disease.

We could go into great detail about Life Cycle 4 here, but the web site does a much better job than we could do.

You might also want to read the blog that the Vice-Chancelor writes every day. If nothing else take a look at Day 0, where UNMC former Life cycler, Neville Wylie, gets a mention. Just those commenst are worth a read!



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