June 27, 2014, by Graham Kendall

TheConversation: It attracts a lot of readers

Over the past few months, we have featured some (all, I hope) of the articles that colleagues at UNMC have written for TheConversation.

We have also promoted the idea that you should consider writing for TheConverstion, as it does tend to attract a lot of readers. We are pleased to see that a few of our colleagues have taken this advice, and I hope that thay see it as a worthwhile activity.

In case you need more persuasion, below is the complete list (at least I hope so, let me know if we have missed any) of articles written by colleagues at UNMC ovet the past six months or so.

In total, these articles have ben read by 75,743 (as of 22 June 2014) and have been tweeted and syndicated many times.

  1. Love, peace and the plight of the air hostess: Google opens its brain to armchair linguists
  2. The natural way to keep fruit fresh and stop the rot
  3. To write English like a professor, don’t rely on Google translate
  4. Explainer: what is the maths behind an exam timetable?
  5. Crowdsourcing hunt for MH370 extends to millions of sq miles
  6. The science that makes us spend more in supermarkets, and feel good while we do it
  7. Iraq needs academics to rebuild reputation of its university sector
  8. It still makes sense to build an overseas campus
  9. How to teach Deep Blue to play poker and deliver groceries
  10. How to get ants to solve a chess problem
  11. Help solve Santa’s logistics troubles with a little maths
  12. Riots in Singapore as it struggles to juggle growth and migration
  13. Malaysia plans to be the first Islamic financial superpower



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