June 3, 2014, by Graham Kendall

E-Staff Profile: PLEASE update

When we do our MyRA return, we now take the ISI/Scopus publications from those bibliographic search engines.

For our other pubications (e.g. most conference proceedings, most book chapters, non-ISI/Scopus publications etc.) we rely on you entering this data into your E-Staff Profile (ESP).

In fact, you should enter all your publications into ESP as, although we will colllect the raw ISI/Scopus data from the relevant bibliogrpahic databases, ESP is used to feed other things such as your staff profile on the University web pages.

So, to save us having to chase hard as the MyRA returns becomes due, please update your ESP profile NOW, and keep it up to date as you publish papers/chapters.

In fact, we will be collecting ESP data at the end of June 2014, so please update your ESP by the 30th June 2014.

As always, it is IMPORTANT, that you supply the ISSN and the DOI for any papers that you enter.

Yu can access ESP at https://estaffprofile.nottingham.ac.uk/.

If you have any problems accessing ESP, then please contact IS-support.

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