May 21, 2014, by Graham Kendall

Sunway Construction Career Talk

This post was contributed by Derek Wong Wai Hoe

Sunway Managerial Advancement for Recruited Talents (SMART) Programme.

University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus, 12 March 2014 — Six members of staff from the highly reputable Sunway Construction visited the University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus to introduce the next generation of civil engineers to their SMART career development program.

Three speakers took to the stand to explain their own fields, and detail their experiences of working at Sunway; Mr. Clayton Tan, Head of HR, Mr. Daryl Wong, Head of Department for Recruitment & Learning, and Mr. Foo Kar Kien, a SMART Executive.

Mr. Clayton Tan was the first to deliver his presentation by introducing the spectrum of Sunway’s most impressive projects, such as Sunway Lagoon, Legoland, and the up-and-coming BRT (bus rapid transit) system. The audience was greatly impressed with the size of Sunway’s current developments and the scope of their future projects, and a large number of UNMC applications are expected.

Mr. Foo Kar Kien, however, was the star of the show. He talked through the entire process of Sunway’s SMART program, and detailed where candidates often fall down or could improve. Special focus was put on the diversity of paths and options for those who are accepted to join the SMART program, and how they could alter their career path onto project management as they became more senior.

Overall it was a highly interesting talk, and many students came forward at the end of the event to ask questions. Sunway Construction has certainly encouraged young undergraduates to apply to the SMART scheme, and work their way up in the company’s ranks.


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