April 9, 2014, by Graham Kendall

UNMC-IEM Student Chapter Activities (Industrial Visit and Talk)

This post was contributed by Hii Ching Lik

A visit was made to Shell Refinery Port Dickson on the 26th February 2014 which was led by Dr Hii Ching Lik (UNMC-IEM advisor) from the Department of Chemical and Environmental Engineering. A group of 40 students attended the visit and they were exposed to various aspects of plant operations and facilities during the tour i.e. safety, control, reactor, separation column, heat exchanger and gas bottling. A special session about career and recruitment at Shell was presented by Ms. Sheila Bala (Shell Campus Marketing Advisor) and the students were guided on the requirements and steps during the online application process (with some tips too!). Details about the online application process can be viewed from http://www.shell.com.my/aboutshell/careers-mys.html.

Industrial talks were presented by Ir Prof Dr Dominic Foo and Ir Prof Dr Law Chung Lim (both from the Department of Chemical and Environmental Engineering) on 5th March 2014 and 2nd April 2014, respectively. Ir Professor Dr Dominic Foo presented a talk about “Glimpse into Postgraduate Studies” and the students were informed about the benefits of doing a postgraduate studies upon graduation and what are the options available (e.g. MPhil, MSc, PhD, MBA, MA and etc.). The talk by Ir Prof Dr Law was about “MEng vs BEng”. The content of the talk compared the difference between these two degrees and what would be the impact on job prospect of students graduating from these degrees. The importance of getting charted (PEng and CEng) was stressed which could be done through the MEng route. Currently, only the MEng degree is recognized by the Malaysian Engineering Accreditation Council and Board of Engineers Malaysia. http://www.bem.org.my/v3/listofaccreditedprogrammes.html.

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