April 3, 2014, by Graham Kendall

UNMC Showcases its research to the PVC for Research

Professor Saul Tendler (Pro-Vice Chancellor for Research) was recently at UNMC for the tri-campus University Executive Board/Management Boards Meeting.

Following this meeting Professor Tendler stayed at UNMC for a further two days to hear more about the research that is being done at UNMC. This was our opportunity to showcase our research, both its quality and its quantity.

The research that we showcased is shown below, but there was also opportunities for discussion over lunches and, just in general networking.


Wed 2nd April

09:30     Introductions (Asgar Ali, Andy Chan, Zaharom Nain: BA42)

Brief overviews of the faculties

10:00     CFFRC Update (Sayed Azam-Ali and Festo Massawe: CFFRC)

  • CFFRC Progress

13:00     Lunch (RSC, Heads of School, Heads of Division and Professoriate: Great Hall)

14:00     Research Presentations/Discussions (Chair: Zaharom Nain: DB38)

14:00     Centre of Green Technologies (including Renewable Energy) (Dominic Foo)

14:20     Management and Ecology of Malaysian Elephants (Ahimsa Campos-Arceiz)

14:40     Islamic Finance (Nafis Alam)


Thu 3rd April

09:30     Research Presentations/Discussions (Chair: Joanne Lim: DB38)

09:30     Aerospace (Ng Hoon Kiat and Andy Chan)

09:50     Drug Discovery and Delivery (Kok Wai-ling)

10:10     Ageing and Older Consumers (Ong Fon-sim)

10:30     Nanotechnology and Advanced Materials (Sivakumar Manickam and Khiew Poi Sim)

10:50     Carbon Fixation (Stephanie Evers)

11:10     Institute of Asia Pacific Studies (Michael Connors)

11:30     Autism (Peter Mitchell and/or Elizabeth Sheppard)

12:30     Lunch (Heads of Schools: Trent Balcony)

13:30     MyResearch and General Discussion (Graham/Saul: AA12B)

14:00     MyRA presentation/discussion (Led by Graham Kendall, with RSC present: AA12B)

15:00     Research Presentations/Discussions (Chair: Joanne Lim: DB38)

15:00     Centre for the Study of Communications and Culture (Tessa Houghton)

15:20     Sahz Supercapacitor Pilot Plant (Dino Isa)

15:40     Post-harvest (Bio)-Technology (Asgar Ali and Law Chung-lim)


It was an intense two days, but I personally found it very valuable, both to enable us to showcase our research, not just to Professor Tendler but also to each other.

The presentations also provided the opportunity for a lot of discussion, much of which will have a long lasting effect on some of the research that we do and I hope that we will be able (contiue) to report this through this blog, and via our wider dissemination activities.

I’d like to thank everybody who toook part, and helped arrange, these two days. It was a big time commitment but very worthwhile.


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