March 27, 2014, by Graham Kendall

Teaching Food Processing Technology in Chemical Engineering Undergraduate Program

This post was contributed by Dr Hii Ching Lik

A talk was presented by Dr Hii Ching Lik from the Department of Chemical and Environmental Engineering at the Institution of Engineers Malaysia, on the 11th March 2014. The talk was chaired by Ir. Mathew Thomas from the Engineering Education Technical Division. In his talk, he presented an overview of the food industry and the necessity to provide the chemical engineering undergraduates with knowledge in food processing which is scarcely taught in a typical chemical engineering program. Nowadays, many chemical engineers are employed to work in the food industry i.e. in oils and fats, cocoa grinding, dairy, confectioneries, food packaging and in other F&B sectors. The global food and beverage industry is expected to grow to more than $ 7 billion USD by year 2014. In Malaysia, projection for investment in food industry is estimated at RM 24.6 billion from year 2006 till 2020. In autumn 2012/13 session, a new module “Food Processing Technology” was first introduced to the chemical engineering undergraduates as an elective module (10 credits) in the University of Nottingham, Malaysia Campus. In general, students gave very good feedback as they were exposed to a different aspect of chemical engineering applications and have equipped them with the fundamental knowledge of food processing which are relevant to the food industry.

Hii Ching Lik 002 - Mar 2014Hii Ching Lik 001 - Mar 2014

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