March 17, 2014, by Graham Kendall

Pi (3.14159265359) Day

Pi (Google download (16/03/2014), labelled as free to reuse)

Pi (Google download (16/03/2014), labelled as free to reuse)




Even if you know nothing about mathematics, most people will have heard of Pi. It is the number given by the the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter and is, arguably, the most well known number in mathematics.

Such is the importance of the number that it has its own day every year. March 14 (3/14 – get it?)  is now π day and next year (3/14/15 – get it?) is probably going to receive quite a lot of attention.

If you are iterested in Pi, there are many resources but this one is something we come accross to celebrate last week’s Pi day.


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