January 13, 2014, by Graham Kendall

Get your message out there

We are doing some fantastic research and knowledge exchange at UNMC and it is important that we get the message out to a wider audience.

The benefits of further dissemination are wide ranging. Not only does it raise your own profile and reputation beyond the academic world, but it only promotes the work that is being done at UNMC to a wider audience, as well as to our colleagues in the UK and China.

There are many ways to get your message out there. Here are just a few ways:

  • Give us the relevant information (text and picture(s)) and we’ll put the story on this blog.
  • Speak to Josephine about issuing a press release. She will be able to advise if your story is relevant.
  • Write for web sites such as TheConversation. Nottingham already has a number of articles on this web site. Being a founder member of The Conversation, authors from Nottingham are welcomed.
  • Set up a twitter account and tweet your successes
  • Set up your own blog and tell the world about your papers and knowledge exchange stories.

For some examples of the way that other people at UNMC use Social Media, take a look at the Social Media category of this blog.


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