December 5, 2013, by Graham Kendall

Book Launch: Processing and Drying of Foods, Vegetables and Fruits

This post was contributed by Hii Ching Lik

A new e-book “Processing and Drying of Foods, Vegetables and Fruits” (ISBN: 978-981-07-7312-0) was launched on 26th November 2013 from a joint effort between Faculty of Engineering staffs from the Center for Food and Bio-Product Processing and the Transport Processes Research group, NUS, Singapore. The book was edited by Dr Ching Lik Hii (UNMC), Mr Choon Lai Chiang (UNMC), Dr Sachin Jangam (NUS, Singapore) and Prof. Arun S. Mujumdar (Currently HKUST & Mc Gill University).

In this ebook, several topics are discussed in various aspects of food processing i.e. baking, drying, food antioxidants, food quality, physical and chemical analyses, and new processing techniques. The chapters in the ebook are listed as follows:

  • On Academia-Industry Interaction: Perspectives on What It Takes to Succeed in R&D
  • Study of an Integrated Atmospheric Freeze Drying and Hot Air Drying System Using a Vortex Chiller
  • Processing of Medicinal Mushroom: Ganoderma lucidum (G. lucidum)
  • Development of A Novel Energy-Efficient Adsorption Dryer with Zeolite for Food Product
  • Drying of Food Products under Inert Atmosphere Using Heat Pump
  • Effects of Hybrid Drying on Physical and Chemical Properties of Food Products
  • Impingement Baking of Bread
  • Cocoa Polyphenols
  • Quality of Heat Pump Dried Cocoa Beans
  • Cocoa Processing


The ebook is available freely on-line to everyone and can be downloaded from here: and to view other free ebooks please visit:

Processing and Drying of Foods, Vegetables and Fruits

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