October 8, 2013, by Graham Kendall

Knowledge Transfer Partnerships: UK Funding Available

The UK has a funding scheme called Knowledge Transfer Partnerhips (KTP). The aim of this scheme is to transfer knowledge from universities to companies.

We have recently been informed that we are entitled to participate in this funding mechanism. To quote from one of our UK colleagues.

KTP is funded by the uk government so any KTP must be able to show a positive impact on the uk economy.

It is possible for foreign owned/headquartered businesses to have a KTP so long as they have significant activities in the uk and we could make a case that the project would have a positive impact on the uk economy through this site.

Overseas universities can also be involved on the same basis ie where they have expertise not found in the uk which wound benefit the UK economy provided this was led by a UK HEI.

More information is available at the KTP web site.

I have also been involved in a number of these, whilst based in the UK, so would be happy to discuss the mechanism with you.

Paul Yeoman, based in the UK (Paul.Yeomans@nottingham.ac.uk) – would also be happy to advise.

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